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About Me

My name is Rumen Suvandjiev, but in the audio society I am known by my nickname Rutcho. I graduated from Technical University in Sofia with a degree of Computer Science. Music is my passion. Audio engineering is my hobby.

My Philosophy

Audio is an art of the compromises.
The audio systems or components without compromise exist only in the vocabulary of the salesmen. The "Perfect Sound Forever" does not and will never exist.
Every audio system interprets the music its own way. The aim of the audio engineering is to make this interpretation music-friendly. The most important is not to achieve some desired technical parameters, but to reproduce the emotion of the music.
The goal of the audio constructor is to find the relation between this emotion and the specific parameters and techniques and to apply them the right way.

I Design and Build:

  • Back-loaded horns based on fullrange drivers
  • Any kind of multy-way loudspeaker systems in various construction - closed and vented boxes, transmission lines, open baffles.
    My specialty are BVR (Big Vent Reflex) enclosures also called short horns
  • Single-ended and Push-Pull tube amplifiers