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Loudspeaker Raw Driver Measurements

In this page I will publish measurements of loudspeaker raw drivers, that can be useful to anybody who wants to develop his own loudspeaker system design.
The Thiele-Small parameters has averaged values for all units I have (usually a pair). If the difference between the drivers or lots is significant, it will be specially mentioned. For the response graphics I choose an unit, that I found as a "representative"  for the particular model. 

My Measurement System

  • Microphones - Bruel&Kjaer Type 4133, Bruel&Kjaer Type 4135
  • Microphone Amplifiers - Bruel&Kjaer Type 2633, Bruel&Kjaer Type 2615
  • Measuring Amplifiers - Bruel&Kjaer Type 2609, Bruel&Kjaer Type 2610
  • Noise Generator - Bruel&Kjaer Type 1405
  • Sound Card - EMU 0204


Pair of Fostex FE-208 Sigma Fullrange Drivers


Loudspeaker Icon CSS EL70 EN

Loudspeaker Icon Fostex FE-103 En

Loudspeaker Icon Fostex FE-108 Σ

Loudspeaker Icon Fostex FF-105 WK

Loudspeaker Icon Mark Audio CHS-70A

Loudspeaker Icon Pioneer PE-12

Loudspeaker Icon Tang Band W4-1320 SB


Loudspeaker Icon Coral Beta 6

Loudspeaker Icon Fostex FE-168 Σ

Loudspeaker Icon Mark Audio Alpair 10P-A

Loudspeaker Icon Sonido SFR-175 Alnico

Loudspeaker IconTang Band W6-1916


Loudspeaker Icon Audio Nirvana Super8 Cast Frame

Loudspeaker Icon Coral 8F-60

Loudspeaker Icon Coral Beta 8

Loudspeaker Icon Electro Voice Michigan MC8

Loudspeaker Icon Fostex FE-208 Σ

Loudspeaker Icon Fostex FP-203

Loudspeaker Icon GUI Sound FR-222B8 Neodymium

Loudspeaker Icon Lorenz S-888

Loudspeaker Icon Philips 9710M/01

Loudspeaker Icon Pioneer PIM-8L

Loudspeaker Icon Sonido SFR-200

Loudspeaker Icon Supravox T215 RTF 64

Loudspeaker Icon Tang Band W8-1772

Loudspeaker Icon Tang Band W8-1808

Loudspeaker Icon University Diffusicone Eight

Loudspeaker Icon Visaton TL8/C50F

Loudspeaker Icon Wharfedale Super 8 RS DD


Loudspeaker Icon Philips AD 1256/M8


Pair of Audio Technology C-Quenze Woofers


Loudspeaker IconB&W ZZ08513

Loudspeaker IconB&W ZZ10075

Loudspeaker IconB&W ZZ12831


Loudspeaker IconScan-Speak 18W/8542-00


Loudspeaker IconAcoustic KN KW 2201-16


Loudspeaker Icon Monacor SPH-300KE


Pair od Scan Speak 13M6840 Midrange speakers


Fostex T90A-EX Super Tweeter

Soft Dome Tweeters

Loudspeaker IconAUDAX TW025A26

Loudspeaker IconHiquphon OW4

Loudspeaker IconB&W ZZ 13137

Loudspeaker IconScan-Speak D3806/82000 and the matcing waveguide WG48171


Altec 606G Coacial Drivers


Loudspeaker Icon SEAS MR18REX/XF H1699-08/06

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