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Coral Beta 6

Pair Coral Beta 6 Fullrange Drivers

This is the smallest model of the Beta top product range of the brand Coral. It differs from another two models by missing the phase plug. Instead of it, Beta 6 has a dome of aluminum alloy, attached directly at the voice coil.

Coral Beta 6 Side View

This is the manufacturer's brochure  Link to Coral Beta 6 Manufacturer's Datasheet

My Measurements

Driver Properties Thiele - Small Parameters
Chassis material Die Cast Aluminum Alloy   Parameter Measured Datasheet
Membrane material Paper Fs 42 Hz 40 Hz
Magnet System Ferrite Re 7.2 Ω N/A
Surround Cloth Qms 3.54 N/A
Voice Coil Diameter 25 mm Qes 0.38 N/A
Nominal Impedance 8 Ω Qts 0.34 0.36
Sensitivity 94 dB/W/m   Vas 38  ltr N/A ltr
Rated Power 30W Le 0.35 mH N/A

Coral Beta 6 SPL Rersponse at 1m on axis and 15 30 deg off axis

Frequency response at 1m with 2.83 V input RED - on axis, BLUE - 15 º off axis, GREEN - 30 º off axis


Second, Third and Fourth Harmonic of Coral Beta 6 in 18 ltr sealed box

The second, third and fourth harmonic curves measured at 2.83V input RMS.

Coral Beta 6 Burst decay Response at 1m in 18 ltr sealed box

Burst decay response, measured at 1m on axis

Coral Beta 6 impedance in 18 ltr seled box

The impedance curve in 18 ltr sealed box


Coral Beta 6 is a typical driver for back-loaded horn applications. The sound is rich and fleet. An excellent performer for acoustic music.

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