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  • Speaker Drivers
    Recently added:
    Tang Band W6-1916
    Acoustic KN KW-2201-16
    Two B&W drivers from DM-601 S3 System
    Coral Beta 6
    Scan-Speak 18W/8542-00
    Scan-Speak D3806/82000 and the matcing waveguide WG48171
    Wharfedale Super 8 RS DD
    Mark Audio CHS-70A
  • Speaker Projects
    For more than twenty-five years I built and designed a lot of loudspeaker systems. In this chapter I will describe some of them in details.
    Two-way BVR (Big Vent Reflex) based on B&W and AUDAX drivers can be found HERE
  • Tips and Tweaks
    This is a place for some good ideas for audio equipment improvement:
    B&W DM-601 S3 crossover Upgrade
  • Music
    I added some of my favorite albums

What's Next

I will continue with more measurements and descriptions of fullrange driver from my collection...