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Electro Voice Michigan MC20

Electro Voice Michigan MC20 8 inch Fullrange Drivers

MC8A is the smallest model of the Electro Voice Michigan series. They were designed for home music systems as well as for high-quality ceiling-mounting commercial applications.  

Electro Voice Michigan MC20 Cone and Whizzer Close view

The cone is made of material, called Radax paper by the manufacturer. Practically it looks like any other cones of the popular fullrange speakers from the seventies.

The surround is two-ribs "accordion" type with coating, which has not lost its elasticity over the years.

The whizzer cone is thin and stiff, without any significant "ringing" when touch it. The dust cap is a separate part, made of different material and it is glued to the whizzer.

The gasket is made of cardboard.

Electro Voice Michigan MC20 back chassis

The magnet system consists of Indox ferrite magnet, which is inside the chassis shell.

The chassis itself was precisely cast by aluminum alloy.  It looks very massive, but in fact is a light construction with thin walls.

The manufacturer has provided a holes for line matching transformer on the die-casted aluminum alloy frame. Because of its shape, the driver is suitable to be mounted at the back of the acoustic panels only.

This is the manufacturer's brochure Link To Electro Voice Michigan MC20 Manufacturer's Datasheet

My Measurements

Driver Properties Thiele - Small Parameters
Chassis material Aluminum Die Cast    Parameter Measured Datasheet
Membrane material Paper Fs 67.8 Hz 75 Hz
Magnet System Indox Ceramic Re 6.65 Ω 6.5 Ω
Surround  Paper Qms 3.97 1.95
Voice Coil Diameter 25 mm Qes 1.19 0.87
Nominal Impedance 8 Ω Qts 0.92 0.60
Sensitivity 95 dB/W/m Vas 38 ltr 30 ltr
Rated Power 12W Le 0.27 mH N/A

Electro Voice Michigan MC20 SPL Responce at 1m on axis and 15 30 deg off axis  Electro Voice Michigan MC20 Directivity pattern at 1m 

On left - frequency response at 1m with 2.83 V input RED - on axis, BLUE - 15 º off axis, GREEN - 30 º off axis
On right - frequency response smoothed at 1/3 Oct at 0-90º of axis wit a step of 10º

Electro Voice Michigan MC20 Second, Third and Fourth Harmonic in 18 ltr sealed box

The second, third and fourth harmonic curves measured at 2.83V input RMS.

Electro Voice Michigan MC20 Burst decay Responce at 1m in the Universal Horn

Burst decay response, measured at 1m on axis

Electro Voice Michigan MC20 impedance in 18 ltr seled box

The impedance curves BLACK - in a free air, BLUE - in 18 ltr sealed volume


The characteristics of Michigan MC8 has been developed to work well in vented (bass-reflex) enclosures of small or reasonable size. The table of recommended enclosures by the manufacturer is shown below.

Supravox Picola 2 Loudspeaker System

 Here is Electro Voice specification document from 1987, which includes application notes for MC8A in details: Link To Supravox T215 RTF 64 Manufacturer's Datasheet
The T/S parameters of MC8 show too high Qts for the modern bass-reflex concept. However they will fit very well in properly designed TL enclosure. The sonic performance is smooth and calm. Regardless of extended response in the highs, they does not show enough presence, because of the overall frequency response slope of about of 1 dB/Oct. This can be corrected with appropriate crossover network. This speaker versatile and is  easy to work together with various tube or solid-state amplifiers.

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