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Mark Audio Alpair 10P-A

Pair of Mark Audio Alpair 10P-A 6 inch Fullrange Drivers

The drivers of Mark Audio are well known and widely used by audio DIY-ers. Alpair 10P-A features glass fiber reinforced paper cone with a dust cap with a special shape made of the same material. The measurements were made after the manufacturer's recommended break-up procedure.

This is the manufacturer's brochure  Link To Tang Band W4-1320 Manufacturer's Datasheet

My Measurements

Driver Properties Thiele - Small Parameters
Chassis material Plastic   Parameter Measured Datasheet
Membrane material Glass Fiber Reinforced Paper Fs 44.5Hz 42.4 Hz
Magnet System Ferrite Re 6.1 Ω 6.2 Ω
Surround Rubber Qms 2.33 2.42
Voice Coil Diameter 25 mm Qes 0.36 0.38
Nominal Impedance 8 Ω Qts 0.31 0.33
Sensitivity 89.6 dB/W/m   Vas 25 ltr 29.9 ltr
Rated Power 30W Le 0.12 mH 0.05 mH

Mark Audio Alpair 10P-A SPL Responce at 1m on axis and 15 30 deg off axis

Frequency response at 1m with 2.83 V input RED - on axis, BLUE - 15 º off axis, GREEN - 30 º off axis 

Mark Audio Alpair 10P-A Second, Third and Fourth Harmonic in 18 ltr sealed box

The second, third and fourth harmonic curves measured at 2.83V input RMS. The distortion above 1kHz is extremely low, but something really is going wrong at 550 Hz...

Mark Audio Alpair 10P-A Burst decay Responce at 1m in 18 ltr sealed box

Burst decay response, measured at 1m on axis

Mark Audio Alpair 10P-A impedance in 18 ltr seled box

The impedance curve in 18 ltr sealed box


The Alpair 10P-A is multi-purpose fullrange driver, that already has been used in various constructions. My favorite one is big vent reflex (BVR) as it achieves the deepest and yet accurate low frequency performance.

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