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Tang Band W6-1916

Pair of Tang Band W6-1916 6 inch Fullrange Drivers

With a special thanks to Peter Haralanov for submitting this driver for a tests.

Tang Band W6-1916 is a first generation of the highest grade fullrange line from this manufacturer with five various sizes from 3 to 8 inches.

Close view of Pair of Tang Band W6-1916 cone

The most impressive detail of the speaker at the first look is the sophisticated phase plug.

The close view show, that it consists of two parts. The part in the back is milled of solid aluminum alloy. At the front of it there is a diffuser, made in a manner of the microphones. It appears to be made of solid copper. 

The manufacturer did not provide detailed information of its purpose and way of work. I assumed it was specially designed for better off-axis radiation.

The measurements below will show the effect of this innovation...


Close view of Pair of Tang Band W6-1916 cone

This kind of surround we usually associate with car audio woofers.

Maybe the purpose of the shape is to increase the acoustic loss of the surround itself.

The material is santoprene, which delivers long-term aging durability combined with dimensional stability and physical properties over the life of the part.

Phase Plug of Tang Band W6-1916

The magnet system consists of nine cylindrical neodymium magnets.

The pole pieces are accurately milled and anodized in black.

The area in the back of the spider is protected from incursion of the magnetic pill by a grill, stamped of a steel sheet.

The back surface of the cone shows the structure of the cone, which includes bamboo fibers.

This is the manufacturer's brochure of the Tang Band W6-1916 Link To ang Band W6-1916 Manufacturer's Datasheet

My Measurements

Driver Properties Thiele - Small Parameters
Chassis material Aluminum alloy   Parameter Measured Datasheet
Membrane material Bamboo fiber paper Fs 59.1 Hz 60 Hz
Magnet System Neodymium Re 5.0 Ω 6.8 Ω
Surround Santoprene Qms 1.36 1.82
Voice Coil Diameter 38.5 mm Qes 0.55 0.62
Nominal Impedance 8 Ω Qts 0.39 0.46
Sensitivity 91 dB/W/m   Vas 16.8 ltr 23.7 ltr
Rated Power 30W Le 0.02 mH 0.016 mH

Tang Band W6-1916 SPL Responce at 1m on axis and 15 30 deg off axis   

The frequency response at 1m with 2.83 V input RED - on axis, BLUE - 15 º off axis, GREEN - 30 º off axis
The on-axis graph is smooth enough, but the deviation even at 15 º off axis is significant.

Tang Band W6-1916 Off-Axis responce

The directivity pattern shows figures, that cannot be seen often. At each different angle from axis the graphs show completely different behavior of the driver.
I did not investigate the reason, but I suspect the too much sophisticated phase plug.

Tang Band W6-1916 Second, Third and Fourth Harmonic in 18 ltr sealed box

The second, third and fourth harmonic curves measured at 0.89V, 2.83V and 8.9V  input RMS.

Tang Band W6-1916 Burst decay Responce at 1m in the Universal Horn

Burst decay response, measured at 1m on axis

Tang Band W6-1916 impedance of in 18 ltr seled box 

The impedance curve in 18 ltr. sealed box


Despite the bad off-axis response, the overall performance of the Tang Band W6-1916 is very good. The sound of this driver is rich and vivid, with right tonal balance. Some experiments with the phase plug of different shape will be welcome.

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