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The "Universal" Horn

The Universal Horn with some replaceable loudspeaker panels

Technically is not possible to create an enclosure, that is optimal for loudspeaker drivers with different parameters, but I always wanted to have an useful backloaded horn system I can change the drivers fast and easy. That's why i decided to build a horn which can fit a certain range of speakers with a similar size and parameters. Of course, it is not optimal for any of them, but it delivers an acceptable condition for a listening assessment.
This is a Tractrix backloaded horn with a length of 3,2m.
The compression chamber volume can be adjusted according the driver's T/S parameters in a range of 7-9 ltr. In addition some damping material can be added.
Every driver is firmly mounted on a dedicated plywood panel with four mounting holes with a brass bushings for a better contact with the tightening star grips. 

Mountable Panels for the Universal Horn


Universal Horn AJ-Horn Simulation

Here is the simulation of some fullrange drivers from my collection with adjusted compression chamber volume:

The compression chamber volume for each driver is:

Fostex FE-208 Σ = 7.4 ltr.
Fostex FP-203 = 7.6 ltr.
Coral Beta 8 = 8.2 ltr
Tang Band W8-1772 = 8.0 ltr.

Each speaker shows a different behavior under 100Hz, and therefore the audible bass performance varies, but the overall tonal balance remains acceptable for all of them.

The Universal Horns with some eight-inch drivers from my collection

This is the photos of the "Universal" Horns with some drivers of my collection.
Note that not all of them are suitable for a backloaded horn application.

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